PaaS v2.x

What is Kuzzle PaaS 🚀 #

If you're on this page it's probably because you need a solution for hosting your Kuzzle solution. (Web or Iot application)

You don't have the time, nor the ressources to deploy your application in a public cloud.

Well... we might have the solution for you.

Kuzzle paas is a platform as a service allowing to deploy kuzzle applications in a dedicated environment.

Via a complete API and accessible if you have an account, you can perform many actions to customize your backend and frontend applications

In other words, your code in our infrastructure

Kuzzle takes care of #

  • 🕑 Saving you time, in a few minutes your platform will be accessible by api.
  • 🏗️ Creating the default environment of your cluster and open the ssl accesses.
  • 💸 Making you saving money by accelerating your time to market with a production ready platform out of the box

You take care of #

  • 💻 Developping your application (See one of our template here)
  • 🐋 Making images of your apps and publish it in our registry
  • 🚀 Publishing you app inside our cluster by using Kourou

How do I purchase a new project ? #

Follow this link and ask for a quote

Our Team will contact you shortly and you will be able to access your application in no time You can find more information here

Community #