PaaS v2.x

Access private packages ©️ #

The licensed Javascript Kuzzle's plugins are distributed through a private manager package hosted by our team.

Various method exists to access our private packages.

Using npm login #

The most common one is to use the npm login command.

  1. Run
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npm login --scope=@kuzzleio --registry= --auth-type=legacy
  1. Enter the username & the password

The npm login command will create a file named .npmrc in your home directory. This file contains your credentials and is used by npm to authenticate you when you install a package.

  1. Copy the .npmrc file at the root directory of the project you are working on.
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cp ~/.npmrc .npmrc
  1. You can now install any private package using npm install:
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npm install @kuzzleio/<kuzzle-plugin>

Using kourou paas:login #

The Kourou CLI is a command line tool that allows you to interact with a Kuzzle API. Through our dedicated command kourou paas:login you can login to our private registry.

Under the hood, this command will create a .npmrc file in your home directory.

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kourou paas:login --help

  $ kourou paas:login

  --help               show CLI help
  --only_npm           Only perform the login on the private NPM registry
  --project=project    Current PaaS project
  --username=username  PaaS username

From this point, you can install any private package using npm install.

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npm install @kuzzleio/<kuzzle-plugin>

Have a look at our list of plugins that will help you build your application properly.

What's next? #

Once you have finished this step, you can initialize your application with one of our templates available from Github - follow me

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