PaaS v2.x

Deploy my application #

Firstly, please match those requirements:

Kourou and PaaS interactions #

We will assume for this example that:

  • The name of the project is: koutoulou
  • The name of the environnement I want to update: main
  • The application I want to update is my kuzzle Application with an identifier: api

Init the paas project into your repository #

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# Install kourou
npm install-g kourou

# Connect to the paas console to validate that your account is OK
kourou paas:login

# This will add the kuzzle property inside the package.json file
kourou paas:init paas-project-koutoulou

Build the paas image #

Now that you are logged in our paas console, and that your project is initiated correctly, you can push your docker image inside ou registry.

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# Build your docker image with the proper tag
# The NPM_TOKEN can be found at ~/.npmrc
docker build -t .

# Log into the registry
# Username & Password has been communicated when project was created
docker login -u <username> -p <password>

# Push the tagged image
docker push

Deploy the paas image #

Now that your image has been pushed into our registry, our cluster is ready to deploy our new application. You can now run this command

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# Deploy the new image version in your paas project
kourou paas:deploy main api

See my application #

After a short time, you should be able to access your application online. Url(s) are formated as follow: <identifier>-<environment>-<project_name>

So in my case it will be

What's next? #

The next step for us is to automate our deployment pipeline, so we never have to do it manually again. Follow me 🚀

Community #