SDK Dart v2.x

next #

Advances through the search results and returns the next page of items.

Arguments #

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Future<List<dynamic>> next()

Returns #

Returns a RoleSearchResult object, or null if no more pages are available.

Pagination strategie #

The next method can work with the following strategie.

Strategy: from / size #

If the initial search contains from and size parameters, the next method retrieves the next page of result by incrementing the from offset.

Because this method does not freeze the search results between two calls, there can be missing or duplicated documents between two result pages.

It's the fastest pagination method available, but also the less consistent, and it is not possible to retrieve more than 10000 items using it.
Above that limit, any call to next throws an Exception.

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for (var i = 1; i <= 5; i++) {
      'auth': {
        'actions': {
          'getCurrentUser': true,
          'getMyCredentials': true,
          'getMyRights': true,
          'logout': true
var res = await
  query:{ 'controllers': [ 'auth' ] }, 
  from: 1, 
  size: 1);
final result = [];
while (res != null) {
  res = await;