SDK Dart v2.x

getProfileRights #

Gets the detailed rights configured by a security profile

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Future<List<dynamic>> getProfileRights(String id)

Property Type Description
Profile identifier

Return #

A List of objects. Each object is a security right described by the security profile:

  • controller: impacted controller
  • action: impacted controller action
  • index: index name
  • collection: collection name
  • value: tells if access if allowed or denied. If closures have been configured on the detailed scope, the value is conditional.

Usage #

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final result = await'myProfile');
[ { controller: 'auth',
    action: 'login',
    index: '*',
    collection: '*',
    value: 'allowed'
  { controller: 'document',
    action: 'get',
    index: 'someIndex',
    collection: '*',
    value: 'allowed'
  } [..]