SDK Dart v2.x

mGetUsers #

Gets multiple security users.

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Future<List<KuzzleUser>> mGetUsers(List<String> ids)
Property Type Description
ids List<String> User identifiers
(HTTP only) Forces the verb of the API route

verb #

When instantiated with a HTTP protocol object, the SDK uses the GET API by default for this API route. You can set the verb option to POST to force the SDK to use the POST API instead.

Returns #

An array of retrieved User objects.

Usage #

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final result = await[
[ User {
    _id: 'user1',
    profileIds: ['profile1'],
  User {
    _id: 'user2',
    profileIds: ['profile2'],
  User {
    _id: 'user3',
    profileIds: ['profile3'] ]