Official Plugins (Kuzzle v2.x)
Cloudinary v2.x

Kuzzle Plugin : Cloudinary #

Cloudinary is cloud-based image and video management platform. It automates the entire image-processing pipeline: from uploads to on-the-fly manipulations to optimization to dynamic delivery with any CDN.

This plugin will let you use some of Cloudinary API's functions within Kuzzle.

You can test this plugin with Swagger UI. Find more in the Usage section

Installation #

Clone this repository in your plugin/available directory, install all needed modules with npm install and then link this directory to your plugin/enabled directory.

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git clone /path-of-your-kuzzle/plugins/available cloudinary
cd /path-of-your-kuzzle/plugins/available/cloudinary/
npm install 
ln -sr ./ ../../plugins/enabled/cloudinary 

You can now restart Kuzzle and check http://localhost:7512, you should see the plugin name under the key serverInfo.kuzzle.plugins.cloudinary.

Configuration #

In order to use this plugin, you need to provide your Cloudinary credentials in the Vault.

Here is the template of the needed structure :

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  "cloudinary": {
    "APIKey":  "your-cloudinary-api-key",
    "APISecret": "your-cloudinary-api-secret",
    "cloudName": "your-cloudinary-cloudname"

You can find more about Vault feature on the Kuzzle documentation