Official Plugins (Kuzzle v2.x)
Cloudinary v2.x

search #

Searches for assets corresponding to the specified expression and options

Query Syntax #


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URL: http://kuzzle:7512/_plugin/cloudinary/assets/search
Method: POST
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  "expression": "<expression>",
  "max_results": "<number_of_result_max>",
  "next_cursor": "<next-cursor>",
  "with_field": [ "<additional_field_to_include>" ],
  "sort_by": [  ["<field>","<asc | desc>"] 

Other protocols #

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  "controller": "cloudinary/assets",
  "action": "search",

  "body": {
    "expression": "<expression>",
    "max_results": "<number_of_result_max>",
    "next_cursor": "<next-cursor>",
    "with_field": [ "<additional_field_to_include>" ],
    "sort_by": [  ["<field>","<asc | desc>"] ]

Arguments #

  • expression : Description of your response. See Cloudinary documentation for syntax information
  • next_cursor : When a search request has more results to return than max_results, the next_cursor value is returned as part of the response. You can then specify this value as the a parameter of the following request to continue your search.

You must provide, at least, either the expression or the next_cursor field. If both are set, expression will be ignored

Optional #

  • max_results : Maximum number of assets to return. Default value : 50
  • with_field: Additionnal fields to include in each asset description
  • sort_by : An array of 2-values-array. First element is the field to sort resources by and the second one is the direction of the sort.

You can find more info here

Response #

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  "status": 200,
  "error": null,
  "controller": "cloudinary/assets",
  "action": "destroy",
  "requestId": "<unique request identifier>",
  "result": {
    "total_count": "<number_of_resources>",
    "time": "<request_processing_time>",
    "next_cursor": "<cursor_for_following_request>",
    "resources" : [ 
        "public_id": "<new_public_id>",
        "folder": "<folder>",
        "filename": "<filename>",
        "format": "<format>",
        "resource_type": "<ressource_type>",
        "type": "<type>",
        "created_at": "<creation_date>",
        "bytes": "<size>",
        "backup_bytes": 0,
        "width": "<width>",
        "height": "<height>",
        "aspect_ratio": "<ratio>",
        "pixels": "<number_of_pixels>",
        "url": "<url>",
        "secure_url": "<secure_url>",
        "status": "<status>",
        "access_mode": "<access_mode>"
    "rate_limit_allowed": "<initial_request_limit>",
    "rate_limit_reset_at": "<date_of_reset>",
    "rate_limit_remaining": "<current_request_limit>"

For more information on search response, see Cloudinary documentation

Possible Errors #