Official Plugins (Kuzzle v2.x)
Cloudinary v2.x

rename #

Renames the specified asset

Query Syntax #


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URL: http://kuzzle:7512/_plugin/cloudinary/assets/<public_id>?new_public_id=<new_name>
Method: PUT

Be aware that Cloudinary allows special characters in the public_id syntax. You may need to encode the public id with escape character

Other protocols #

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  "controller": "cloudinary/assets",
  "action": "rename",

  "public_id": "old_name",
  "new_public_id": "new_name"

Arguments #

Response #

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  "status": 200,
  "error": null,
  "controller": "cloudinary/assets",
  "action": "destroy",
  "requestId": "<unique request identifier>",
  "result": {
    "public_id": "<new_public_id>",
    "width": "<width>",
    "height": "<height>",
    "format": "<format>",
    "resource_type": "<ressource_type>",
    "created_at": "<creation_date>",
    "tags": [
    "bytes": "<size>",
    "type": "<type>",
    "placeholder": "<placeholder>",
    "url": "<url>",
    "secure_url": "<secure_url>"

Possible Errors #