Official Plugins (Kuzzle v2.x)
Hermes Messenger v0.x

Hermes Messenger #

This plugin gives the application the ability to send various types of messages (SMS, email) using external providers.

Available providers SMS providers:

  • Twilio

Available email providers:

  • Sendgrid
  • SMTP

Accounts Management #

It is possible to register differents accounts for each provider. Then API actions used to send messages can be used with different accounts.

In this way, several accounts with differents credentials can be used to send messages.

The following API actions can be used to manipulate accounts for each providers:

Register an account at startup #

Accounts can be setup programmaticaly after the application has started by using the addAccount method.

Clients are available from getters on the plugin instance.

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  .then(() => {
    // Add a "common" Twilio account
    hermesMessengerPlugin.clients.twilio.addAccount('common', 'accountSid', 'authToken', '+33629951621');

    // Add a "common" Sendgrid account
    hermesMessengerPlugin.clients.sendgrid.addAccount('common', 'apiKey', '');

    // Add a "common" SMTP account
    hermesMessengerPlugin.clients.smtp.addAccount('common', '', 587, 'dummyUser', 'dummyPass', '');